Step 1.Choose load items
This PowerShield UPS Sizing Guide will help you select the correct UPS for your power protection needs with the following steps
  • Step 1: Select a device category from above.
  • Step 2: Add devices to Step 2 to build a load profile. Delete items with the red X or edit with the blue cog.
  • Step 3: Select a UPS with the desired battery backup time and case style.
  • Step 4: Consider the questions on where and how the UPS will be used.
  • Step 5: The selected UPS will show the basic specs, docs and related accessories.
  • PDF Summary Button: Click this button opens a PDF summary of your selections. This can be saved as a reference.
All devices are calculated at 0.7PF Select a category
Step 2. Confirm load items list...
D E Device VA dvcat ed0 ed1 ed2 ed3 ed4 ed5 ed6 ed7 ed8 ed9 ed10 ed11 ed12 ed13 ed14 ed15 ed16 ed17 ed18 ed19
Total VA Load:0 VA
Step 3. Consider these questions before selecting a UPS in Step 4

Important! All calculations are a guide and are based on the basic information provided. This calculator does not take into consideration additional conditions or high inrush currents that are specific to the electrical load and the site such as, electrical motors or laser printers. All special conditions should be discussed with a PowerShield engineer.
Highly Recommended
Not Recommended
Step 4. Select a UPS to view in step 5
Load = 0 VA
UPS Case Part No. UPS Series UPS Rating UPS Style Minutes Trade
0 Sort 1 Batts 2 eff UPS Case UPS Selection UPS Series UPS Rating UPS Style Minutes spareField 10 Retail ei com NoChgBattPart upsimg upsDesc upsPDF snmpPart snmpDesc snmpPDF 20 as400Part as400Desc as400PDF psrailPart psrailDesc psrailPDF mbsPart mbsDesc mbsPDF vaRating 30 chgBattPart NoChgBattQty ChgBattQty upsQty chgBattDesc NochgBattDesc retUpsEa retUpsSubT retNoChgBattEa retNoChgBattSubT 40 retChgBattEa retChgBattSubT retSnmpSubT retAs400SubT retMbsSubT retPsrailEa retPSRAILsubT psrailQty
Step 5. Chosen UPS and optional features
Part Number  
UPS Rating  
UPS Style  
UPS Case  
Battery Time  
Electrical Installation  
Your solution part numbers and PDFs
PowerShield Qty Description Trade.EX.GST pdf
PowerShield Qty Description Trade.EX.GST pdf
Power Filter & Surge Diverter
Power Filters and Surge Diverters can be used in conjunction with the UPS to provide an extra layer of protection for harsh environments with high transients
PowerShield Qty Description Trade.EX.GST pdf